Labex OT MED events

PhD defense by Kahina Djaoudi : Friday 9/3/2018 at MIO (2pm)

Role of atmospheric input on the stoichiometry and degradability of dissolved organic matter in the Mediterranean Sea

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A new explanation to the "Rainforest crisis" in Western Central Africa

Yannick Garcin (University of Postdam) and collaborators, including partners supported by the LabEx OT-Med, have just published a new explanation for the rainforest crisis in Western Central Africa.

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L'atelier : "Changement climatique : quel lien entre la science et les acteurs locaux ?", 6 décembre 2017, Aix-en-Provence


"Changement climatique : quel lien entre la science et les acteurs locaux ?"

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The talk of Anna Serra Llobet « In harm’s way : how the US and France got into the loop »

We have a pleasure to invite you for a talk of Dr Anna SERRA LLOBET (Director, Sustainable Floodplains Project, Institute of International Studies, University of California Berkeley), the OT-Med/IMéRA fellow from 11 September 2017 to 13 July 2018.

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Labex OT-Med scientific event, November 10, 2017, 9h30-17h



November 10, 2017, 9h30-17h00

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