Dear Readers !

Welcome to 9th issue of the OT-Med Newsletter. Last few months were particularly rich in events for OT-Med. The most important among them was the OT-Med call for projects 2015. The selection of the funded projects was done by the OT-Med management board on April 10, 2015. Here we publish the results and some details concerning this call (read more).

Two IMERA/OT-Med fellowships have been attributed recently (read more).

In every issue of our Newsletter we present people, teams and laboratories involved in OT-Med projects. This time we would like to present the DICE “International, Comparative and European Law” (UMR 7318)/CERIC "Center of European and International Research and Studies"(go to article).

The OT-Med/IMERA seminars launched in November 2014 continue. Four seminars took place recently :

- "Changement climatique en milieu urbain : enjeux, alternatives, incertitudes" 15 April 2015 (read more)

- "Les outils de la gouvernance climat" 31 March 2015 (read more)

- "Les changements climatiques en Afrique de l'ouest et leurs impacts sur la petite agriculture familiale" 5 February 2015 (read more)

- "Les négociations internationales sur le climat : quels enjeux? quelles perspectives après la conférence de Lima?" 21 January 2015 (read more)

We also invited several renowned researchers to give talks: Pr Benjamin Peter Horton (read more), Pr Iain Colin Prentice (read more) and Dr Christoph Müller (read more). Moreover, we organized the presentation of IndexMed project by Romain David (IMBE) (read more).

OT-Med participated in A*Midex - International Colloquium: Aix-Marseille and the Mediterranean on February 12 and 13, 2015 (read more).

OT-Med has also organised a freindly meeting with a traditional French "Galette de rois" on February 2nd, 2015 (read more).

The number of scientific articles resulting from research supported by OT-Med increases (read more). We are also very active on twitter and we would like to invite you to join us (read more). There are also some new articles, videos and issues on the general public website and the graphical design of this website has been improved ( (read more). Finally we would like to thank the new contributors of the OT-Med metadata catalog for their involvement (read more).

We also invite you to have a look on the "Coming events" section of our Newsletter.

Good reading and evidently, we are open to any suggestions concerning both the contents and the form of our newsletter.

Joël Guiot, Director of OT-Med