OT-Med researchers participated in the II Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology (Montpellier, Aug 2018) where Didier Aurelle and Bruno Fady chaired Symposium 76 on Evolutionary management of Wild populations (full listing of symposia here):

Symposium 76: Evolutionary management of wild populations

Organizers: Didier Aurelle, Bruno Fady

Through the direct and indirect effects of human activities, global change is a major threat for biodiversity and for the associated ecosystem services. This is also an important evolutionary challenge for many species with several potential responses: acclimation, genetic adaptation, range shift, local or global extinction. Adequate management of biodiversity should take into account the main evolutionary factors acting on these responses such as connectivity, drift, local selection. The study of these processes is now strengthened by the integration of analytical and genomic approaches (e.g. for biodiversity surveys or for adaptation studies). This symposium will discuss why and how evolution can and should be integrated into management and conservation practice. It will be opened to different species and ecosystems (both terrestrial and marine), with a focus on wild populations, exploited or not. The interaction with socio-economic processes will also be discussed, with the goal or making common and idiosyncratic patterns emerge across biomes. Empirical and theoretical communications are welcome.

Invited speaker: Sean Hoban “Why and how to use computational simulations for evolutionary based management”

Scientific contributions

All three also presented their latest research, partly supported by OT-Med, on evolution and adaptation of the Mediterranean biodiversity, whilst Aurélien de Jode presented his OT-Med funded PhD research on Understanding ecological functioning of coralligenous habitats, and building new indicators based on genetic tools to assess their GES (good environmental status).

Climate change and the evolutionary challenge of Mediterranean biodiversity
B. Fady, M. Bally, A. Bondeau, F. Carlotti, A. Chenuil, W. Cramer, J-P. Féral, T. Gauquelin, A-C. Monnet, S. Thomas, F. Van Wambeke, D. Aurelle

Full Presentation

From seascape genomics to community ecology: comparing the physical factors structuring genetic diversity within a bioengineer species of the coralligenous habitats with those structuring the species composition of the coralligenous community
by De Jode A, David R, Rocher C, Selva M, Haguenauer A, Sartoretto S, Feral JP, Chenuil A. 

Full presentation

Bridging the gap between evolutionary and conservation biology: the case of a previous octocoral threatened by global change, the Mediterranean red coral
by D. Aurelle, M Pratlong, A. Haguenauer, P. Pontarotti, N. Bensoussan, J. Garrabou, E. Toulza, G. Mitta, JB Ledoux