Carbon cycle and biodiversity in Mediterranean oak forest: impact of climate change

Mediterrranean Basin is considered one of the world hotspot for biodiversity as well as considered one of the most critical regions concerning the impacts of climate change, being prolonged-drought one of the main concerns.

We will evaluate, at regional scale, the impact of rainfall changes on:

1) directly on litter production and decomposition of Mediterranean Oak forest;

2) indirectly by the litter decomposition through changes in litter biochemical composition particularly the quantity and diversity of plant secondary metabolites and

3) the possible effects on plant community and soil diversity dynamics

LPJ-GUESS model will be used in order to simulate ecosystem pattern and processes (carbon allocation due to secondary metabolites production and soil biodiversity interactions under climate changes projections. The results of the model simulations will be available to forest managements and skateholders in order to lead to concrete actions for the adaptation to climate change and biodiversity conservation of the oak forest in the Provence Region.