In order to prepare for improved assessments and a comprehensive synthesis of global change knowledge in the Mediterranean region, a network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change (MedECC, has been launched by Labex OT-Med researchers: Joël Guiot (CEREGE) and Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE). Supported by an international adhoc steering committee and several major institutions (Plan Bleu, Union for the Mediterranean, IRD, and others), the network works towards a regional science-policy interface for climatic and other environmental changes across the Mediterranean.

In December 2015 the network has been presented and discussed during COP21 (go to article).

To date, 180 researchers from 21 countries declared their interest in this network.

1st MedECC meeting : 7-8 April 2016 in Barcelona

The MedECC meeting was held on 7th and 8th April 2016 in Barcelona. These two days were very fruitful. The first day (at the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean, UfM) was dedicated to the governance of MedECC, its functioning and organization. On the second day (at the Government of Catalonia) the preparation of a perspective paper on the issues of the climatic changes in Mediterranean has been discussed. The objectives and the plan of this article have been established.


Ghani Chehbouni (IRD-CESBIO; Morocco, France), Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE, Labex OT-Med; France), Nicolas Debaisieux (Union for the Mediterranean, Spain), Anne-France Didier (Plan Bleu; France), Patrice Dumas (CIRED; France), Joachim Garrabou (Institute of Marine Sciences, CSIC; Spain), Joel Guiot (CEREGE, Labex OT-Med; France), Manfred Lange (Cyprus Institute; Cyprus), Julien Le Tellier (Plan Bleu; France), Maria de Carmen Llasat (University of Barcelona, Spain), Achour Mahrane (Renewable Energy Development Center; Algeria), Katarzyna Marini (Labex OT-Med; France), Shlomit Paz (University of Haifa; Israel), Josep Penuelas (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain), Arnau Queralt Bassa (Government of Catalonia, Spain), Klaus Radunsky (Austrian Federal Environment Agency, Austria), Maria Snoussi (University Mohammed V, Morocco), Toreti, Andrea (European Commission, Italy), Mikis Tsimplis (University of Southampton, UK), Ricardo Valentini (Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change, Italy), Elena Xoplaki (Justus-Liebig-University, Germany)

The next event will be the MedECC workshop, which will be held in September 2016.

The general assembly of MedECC is planned as a side event of COP22 and the production of the first rapport is scheduled for the end of 2018.

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Twitter account: (@Med_ECC).

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