Labex OT MED News and events

Cycle IMéRA/OT-Med : sur les changements climatiques: 10 novembre et 23 novembre 2015 (in French)

IMéRA: Cycle de séminaires sur les changements climatiques en collaboration avec le Labex OT-Med

Coordination: Joël Guiot, CEREGE, et Sandrine Maljean-Dubois, DICE

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OT-Med research articles

OT-Med research results in more and more scientific articles. It must be noted that a paper is considered as an OT-Med paper if and only if OT-Med is acknowledged.

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5e rapport du GIEC (tome 3) [FR]

par Pierre Batteau

L'essentiel du 5e rapport du troisième groupe de travail du Groupe d'experts intergouvernemental sur l'évolution du climat (GIEC)

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OT-Med call for projects 2016 is closed; some statistics

The OT-Med call for projects 2016 was launched in January 2016 and closed on 29th February 2016.

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PhD fellowships

Four PhD fellowships have been attributed. A call for doctoral fellowships has been launched in end of April 2012 on the research themes of OT-Med. We have received 15 proposals.

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