The call for PhD projects was launched at the end of February 2013 (click here to see the call for PhD projects). After the initial preselection of the PhD projects, the interviews with the candidates were held on 4th July 2013. Five fellowships have been attributed (in the alphabetical order):

-Rachid ADALLAL; PhD subject: “Variabilité environnementale des lacs du Moyen Atlas marocain”; supervisors: L. Vidal, CEREGE; A. Benkaddour, A. Rhoujjati, Université Cadi Ayyad de Marrakech (Fellowship demand was also done to AIRD. The results are not known yet. The cofinancing OT-Med-IRD is envisaged)

-Nathalie BOUTIN; PhD subject: “Territorial management of biodiversity in a context of growing urbanization and intense interactions man‐nature. A multi-site analysis”; supervisors: S. Hernandez, CERGAM; S. Gachet, IMBE; P. Batteau, CERGAM
-Guillaume FUTHAZAR; PhD subject: “Le design et la mise en place de la plateforme intergouvernementale scientifique et politique sur la biodiversité et les services écosystémiques (IPBES)”; supervisors: S. Maljean-Dubois, CERIC; W. Cramer, IMBE

-Marie-Aimée GALERON; PhD subject: “Biotic and abiotic degradation of terrestrial organic matter discharged by Rivers (Rhône, Pô and Ebre) in Mediterranean Sea”; supervisors: J.-F. Rontani, MIO; O. Radakovitch, CEREGE

-Marine PRATLONG; PhD subject: “ The evolutionary challenge of climate change adaptative processes in the Mediterranean red coral”; supervisors: D. Aurelle, IMBE; P. Pontarotti, LATP

Two projects were chosen for the complementary list, if the chosen candidates do not accept the OT-Med fellowship (in the order as listed below):

-Jim TESSON; PhD subject: “Towards the determination of the date and magnitude of the forthcoming strong earthquakes in the Mediterranean”; supervisors: L. Benedetti, CEREGE; I. Manighetti, GEOAZUR

-Cyril AUBERT; PhD subject: “Establishing quantitative palaeoclimatic reconstructions for the continental MiddleEast over the last 14 kyr, based on chironomid and pollen analyses”; supervisors: S. Brewer, University of Utah; E. Gandouin, IMBE; M. Djamali, IMBE

The description of these PhD projects will be soon available on the OT-Med website in the section "Research>PhD projects".