The research supported by OT-Med resulted in the scientific article which has been recently published.

Kaniewski D, Van Campo E, Guiot J, Le Burel S, Otto T, Environmental Roots of the Late Bronze Age Crisis. PLoS ONE, 2013 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071004

That End of the Bronze period (about 3200 years BP) was characterized by migrations (mainly by sea) in East Mediterranean of peoples coming form inland. These peoples are called Sea Peoples. This coincides with the decline of several coastal civilizations of East mediterranean, Hittite empire, Egyptian empire, Canaan on the Israelian coast. Several not mutually exclusive causes were put forward to explain the situation of decline, including natural disasters, technological innovations, internal collapses, and anthropological or sociological theories dealing with states of inequality and the resulting political struggle between centre and periphery. Kaniewski et al (2013) shows that climate is also an important factor and demystifies this event. These Sea Peoples should have been pushed from their native regions by long periods of water stresses. We have shown that the 3200-2900 yr BP period was among the dryest of the last 5000 years in the Eastern Mediterranean region. A sediment core in Cyprus where pollen data (indicating vegetation changes) confirms the special character of the period. It is confirmed by climate reconstructions based on pollen and vegetation modelling representing the Eastern Mediterranean area. Then even if political and cultural factors had an influence of the decline of the region, it can be considered as an amplification of climatic factors.

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