Postdoctoral fellowship

Topics: Combining economic and ecological models to asses land use change effects on Mediterranean marine ecosystems.

Deadline: October 31, 2016.

Location: Marseille, (GREQAM, and Avignon (INRA,, specific sharing will be determined latter.

Duration: 18 months, starting on January 1st 2017.

Employers: Aix-Marseille University (“Laboratoire d'Excellence” Labex OT-Med, France)

This post-doc fellowship is integrated in the Laser-Med project (Towards an integrated prediction of Land & Sea Responses to global change in the Mediterranean Basin), a multi-disciplinary project including economists, agronomists, geographers and marine biologists, recently funded by the “laboratoire 'excellence” Labex OT-Med (see: which includes 10 research laboratories and 1 research federation specialized in different fields: environmental sciences, law, economics and social sciences.

The general objective of the Laser-Med project is to predict and analyze through relevant environmental indicators, the impact of climate change on key ecosystem services provided by the terrestrial and marine ecosystems where ecological dynamics and specific ecological indicators are delivered by the agrosystem (LPJml) and the marine (NEMO-MED12/Eco3M-MED) models.

A second objective aims at investigating the impact of combined climate and socio-economic scenarios on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. In this perspective, the present post-doc will participate in assessment of the effects of public decision (or trade-off between some public options) on specific ecological indicators delivered by the agrosystem (LPJml) and the marine (NEMO-MED12/Eco3M-MED) models.

In this perspective, socio-economic scenarios will explore behaviors described in terms of agricultural practices and land-use management, which will be so designed as to ensure some levels of food security for the Mediterranean populations while also minimizing their own ecological footprint.

Desired skills and experience:
To be considered for this position, applicants should have a Ph.D. in Economics, obtained by January 1st 2017. Applicants must demonstrate skills about land-use models, GIS methodologies and agricultural economics. _ Knowledge of the Mediterranean area will be an advantage.
Knowledge in French language is not required but candidates are expected to acquire basic knowledge of French during their postdoctoral appointment.

Funding scheme:
Recipients of the awards will receive a salary of about 2000 € per month (depending on the French administration rules and after payment for health care). In addition, support is available for travel expenses, equipment, and supplies.

Application procedure:
Candidates should submit their application along with the usual supporting documents: motivation letter and CV (with contact details and personal data, degrees, language skills, computing skills, work experience and a list of degree projects/theses/publications) in pdf format.

Applications should be sent to:

Dominique AMI
dominique.ami (at)

claude.napoleone (at)

Postdoc announcement in pdf