The labex OT-Med final conference will take place in October 14-16, 2019, in Marseille at the Pharo site, focusing on the environmental transition in the Mediterranean region, offering 2 days of scientific presentations on topics such as Biodiversity, Water resources, Natural Hazards, and overall Adaptation (14th and 15th of October).

Registration to the scientific conference are open until the 30th of Septembre.

A free General Public Conference (in French) by Lionel Ranjard (from Dijon University) will be held on Tuesday (15th of October in the evening) on Soil biodiversity, a currently hot topic in the environmental debate. Public outreach tools explaining scientific results produced over the last 7 years by OT-Med teams will be on display prior to the event for everyone to share. More info coming soon on the conference webpage. 

A stakeholders session is also organised on Wednesday the 16th of October (morning) in order to develop Research / Socio-economic society intereactions on real case-studies.