Climate change in the Mediterranean and natural hazards

WP1. Understanding and evaluating
Mediterranean climatic changes and natural hazards

Leaders: Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE), France Van Wambeke (MIO)
Contacts: benedetti (at),
France.van-wambeke (at)

Overview of research themes :

  • sea: thermohaline circulation, mesoscale processes, air-sea interactions, impact of contaminations on the sea
  • aquifers, Lake Chad, catchment areas: evolution, salinisation, water resources
  • forest ecosystems: climate-fire-management interactions
  • long time-scales: paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, paleoseismology, archeology
  • morphogenesis, seismic risk, coastline changes, landslides.

Detailed work package description Main WP1 results

Ongoing OT-Med projects - PhD thesis

Environmental variability of Middle Atlas Moroccan lakes (started in 2013)

PhD student: Rachid Adallal 
Supervisor: Laurence Vidal (CEREGE)

Modern and Past recharge of the Saharan Aquifer Systems by coupling geochemical tracers (14C, 36Cl,…) and hydrological modeling (started in 2014) 

Project: Geo-Economic Saharan Aquifer System (GESAS) 
PhD student: Chloé Poulin 
Supervisor: Pierre Deschamps (CEREGE) + GREQAM  (also TWP2)

Role of atmospheric input on the stoichiometry and degradability of dissolved organic matter in the Mediterranean Sea (started in 2014) 

PhD student: Kahina Djaoudi 
PhD supervisors: Elvira Pulido-Villena (MIO), France van Wambeke (MIO)
Project: Atmospheric Input Of terrestriaL Organic matter to the Surface Mediterranean Sea: origin, fluxes and fate in the water column (AIOLOS) 
Project leaders: Christos Panagiotopoulos (MIO), Elvira Pulido-Villena (MIO) + CEREGE, LCP (ECCOREV) 

Biogeochemical and Ecological Effects of Coastal Groundwater Discharge into Mediterranean Lagoons (ECO_medLOC) (started in 2015)

PhD student: Aladin Andriosa
Supervisors: Thomas Stieglitz (CEREGE), Patrick Raimbault (MIO) 

Ongoing OT-Med projects - Postdocs

Seismic hazards characterization and mitigation (started in 10.2016)

Postdoctoral fellow: Eugenie Perouse
Project leader: Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE)

Marine submersion risk perception in Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur Region (started in 05.2017)

Postdoctoral fellow: Pierre Dias
Project leaders: Raquel Bertoldo (ESPACE), Alexandra Lindenmann (ESPACE)

Both postdoctoral projects listed above are included in the RISKMED projet (OT-Med call for projects 2016): 
Natural risks in the Mediterranean : Hazard, vulnerability, perception and management (RISKMED)
Project leaders: Raquel Bertoldo (ESPACE), Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE), Alexandra Lindenmann, (ESPACE), Lionel Siame (CEREGE) + LPED, IRSTEA

(also WP3)

Integrated assessment of the fate and impacts of organic pollutants in the Mediterranean Sea (MEDPOP) (started in 10.2015) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Javier Castro Jiménez 
Project leader: Richard Sempere (MIO)+ LCE (ECCOREV)

Other projects

A "Green Middle East" at the Dawn of Civilization? (PARADISE LOST) (call for projects 2017)

Project leaders: Djamali MORTEZA (IMBE), Guillaume LEDUC (CEREGE)

Geomorphology and Archeosismicity in Transcaucasia (GeoArT) (call for projects 2017)​ 

Project leaders: Olivier BELLIER (CEREGE), Vincent OLLIVIER (LAMPEA MMSH)

Tracking Fires and domestIc buRning using carbon isotopEs over the western Mediterranean Sea (TRACFIRE) (call for projects 2017)

Project leaders : Christos PANAGIOTOPOULOS (MIO), Jerome BALESDENT (CEREGE)

(also WP2)

Corsican Palaeoclimate, Palaeoenvironments & Anthropization (COPPA) (call for projects 2014)

Project leader: Frédéric Guiter (IMBE) + CEREGE, ECCOREV

An Econometric approach to build a new calibration model for Continental TEMPerature proxy? (ECCOTEMP) (call for projects 2014) 

Project leaders: Guillemette Ménot (CEREGE), Tanguy van Ypersele (GREQAM) 
(also WP3)

Frequency of large past earthquakes in the Aegean and associated risk susceptibility. Combining cosmogenic dating, historical data, and spatial analysis (FEARS) (call for projects 2014) 

Project leader: Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE) + ESPACE 
(also WP3)

Hydrological variability (modern and past) in Morocco since the Holocene in relation with this project one Labex OT-Med thesis started in January 2014 (PHYMOR) (call for projects 2014) 

Project leader: Laurence Vidal (CEREGE) + IMBE

Geosciences and risk assessment in the Morocco: a novel approach (GEO-RISK-MOR) (mobility fellowship, call for projects 2015) 

Project leaders: Laurence Vidal (CEREGE), Olivier Bellier (CEREGE) + LPED 
(also WP3)

Slip Age and Frequency of past strong Earthquake in the Aegean Region (SAFEAR) (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE)

Liquefaction risk assessment of embankment dikes in lower Rhône valley (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Claudio Carvajal (IRSTEA) 
(also WP3)

Human Factors of Vulnerability to Forest Fires in Mediterranean Wildland/Urban Interfaces: An interdisciplinary approach (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Eric Maillé (IRSTEA) 
(also WP3)

MEDiterranean surface HYdrology during abrupt climatic events (MEDHY) (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Guillemette Ménot (CEREGE)

Finished PhD thesis and postdocs


Detection of woody roots growing in earth dikes using geophysical investigations (2012 - 2015) 

PhD student: Benjamin Mary 
Supervisors: Ginette Saracco (CEREGE), Laurent Peyras (IRSTEA) 
Involved researchers: Patrice Meriaux (IRSTEA), Michel Vennetier (IRSTEA)

Understanding the Long-Term variability of Lake Chad environments: a paleoclimate modelling approach for a better assessment of future change (CHAD-UNITE) (10.2014-10.2016) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Camille Contoux 
Project leader: Florence Sylvestre (CEREGE) + IMBE 
(also TWP2)

Outlining the “battleground of the Titans”: assessing the impact of the Minoan volcanic eruption of Santorini, Aegean, on the Bronze Age civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean through state-of-the-art geochronological techniques (attributed in 2013, Fernand Braudel-IFER fellowship) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Constantin Athanassas 
Supervisor: Didier Bourles (CEREGE)

MedMax. Mediterranean future sea level Maximum (started in 2013) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Matteo Vacchi 
Supervisor: Christophe Morhange (CEREGE)

Wetlands in Tunisia : cartography of the spatiotemporal dynamics and the natural systems deterioration (F. Braudel fellowship, started in 2013) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Walid Chouari 
Supervisors: Aurélie Arnaud (IUAR, LIEU), Jean-Claude Raynal (OHM Bassin Minier de Provence)

Remineralization of Organic particles in Presence of Ballast MInerals (ROBIN) (started in 01.2015)

Postdoctoral fellow: Virginie Riou 
Project leader: Christian Tamburini (MIO) 
Co-supervisors: Kazuyo Tachikawa (CEREGE), Frédérique Le Moigne (GEOMAR), Stéphanie Jacquet (MIO)