Impact of climate changes on Mediterranean ecosystems

WP2. Impact of climate and anthropogenic changes
on Mediterranean ecosystems and services they provide

Leaders: Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE), A. Ereskovsky (IMBE)
Contacts: wolfgang.cramer (at), alexander.ereskovsky (at)


Overview of research themes :

  • biodiversity: databases, conservation, management, services, evolution, 
  • soils: impacts of land use and climate, quality indicators, modelling, management, 
  • agriculture and forestry: modelling and scenarios, 
  • ​marine ecosystems: functioning, resources, trophic webs, artificial reefs, marine protected areas.

Detailed work package description Main WP2 results

Ongoing OT-Med projects - PhD thesis

Forest soil vulnerability under climate change: does stand mixity matter in Mediterranean forests ? (started 12.2016)

PhD student: Maya Kheir
Supervisors: Anne-Marie Farnet (IMBE), Philip Roche (IRSTEA)

Spatial and temporal Adaptation of a traditional Mediterranean fishery facing Regional Change: COmbining history and ecoLogy to study past, prEsent and future of sponge harvesting (SACOLEVE)
 (started in 2016)

PhD student: Maia Fourt
Supervisor: Thierry Pérez (IMBE), Daniel Faget (TELEMME)
(also WP3)

Territorial management of biodiversity in a context of growing urbanization and intense interactions man‐nature. A multi-site analysis (started in 2013) 

PhD student: Nathalie Boutin 
Supervisors: Solange Hernandez (IMPGT-CERGAM), Sophie Gachet (IMBE), Pierre Batteau (CERGAM) 
(also WP3)

Observation of the plankton community structure in relation to the biogeochemical cycles in the Gulf of Lions and the pelagic ecosystems of North Tunisia (Bay of Bizerte and Gulf of Tunis) (started in 2012) 

PhD student: Soumaya Boussabat 
Supervisors: Bernard Quéguiner (MIO), M.N. Daly Yahia (Faculté des Sciences de Bizerte (F.S.B), Univiersity of Cartage, Tunisia)


Carbon cycle and biodiversity in Mediterranean oak forest: impact of climate change (CYCABIOCLIM) (started in 2014)

PhD student: Susana Patricia da Silva Pereira 
Supervisoirs: Virginie Baldy (IMBE), Catherine Fernandez (IMBE) + ECCOREV, GSE (also TWP2)

Understanding ecological functioning of coralligenous habitats, and building New Indicators based on genetic tools to assess their GES (good environmental status) (NIGESCor) (started in 2014) 

PhD student: Aurelien de Jode 
Supervisor: Anne Chenuil (IMBE) + MIO

Ongoing OT-Med projects - Postdocs

Action and retroaction between climate and soil: cost in terms of global C storage in soils (started in 2017)

Postdoctoral fellow: Antra Boca
Project leader: Sophie Cornu (CEREGE)

Socio-Ecological Indicators for Mediterranean Agro-ecosystem Sustainability (SEI-Med) (started in 2016)

Postdoctoral fellow: Valérie Coudrain
Project leaders: Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE), Claude Napoleone (ECODEV INRA Avignon) + LPED + GREQAM

Origin and congruence of taxonomic, phylogenetic, functional and paleoecological diversity patterns: the model of European-Mediterranean woody plant biodiversity (WOODIV) (started in 2016)

Postdoctoral fellows: Aggeliki Doxa, Anne-Christine Monnet
Project leader: Agathe Leriche (IMBE) + CEREGE + INRA URFM Avignon (ECCOREV)


Other projects

Biotic and Abiotic Lability of Terrestrial Organic Matter in Seawater (BALTOMS) (call for projects 2017)

Project leaders : Jean-François RONTANI (MIO), Olivier RADAKOVITCH (CEREGE)

Tracking Fires and domestIc buRning using carbon isotopEs over the western Mediterranean Sea (TRACFIRE) (call for projects 2017)

Project leaders : Christos PANAGIOTOPOULOS (MIO), Jerome BALESDENT (CEREGE)

(also WP1)

The regenerative and recovery capacities of metazoans in marine coastal waters of Mediterranean Sea after natural or human-induced injuries (RECOVERY) (call for projects 2017)

Project leaders : Alexander ERESKOVSKY (IMBE), Christel PINAZO (MIO)

Forecasting the effects of climate change on soils across the Mediterranean basin (FORSOILMED) (call for projects 2017)

Project leader:  Anne-Marie FARNET DA SILVA (IMBE);

Benthic recovery dynamics after 50-yrs offshore red mud disposal: monitoring benthic foraminifera response to physical disturbance in Cassidaigne canyon (MORESCA) (call for projects 2017)

Project leaders : Laetitia LICARI (CEREGE), Christian GRENZ (MIO)

Contribution of phenology to study the impact of climate change in coastal marine environment: the octocorals as models species (call for projects 2013) 

Project leaders: Alexander Ereskovsky (IMBE) + MIO

Impact of anthropogenic particles on coastal zones in PACA area (PARTICULE) (call for projects 2013) 

Project leaders: Elvira Pulido (MIO), Richard Sempéré (MIO), Olivier Radakovitch (CEREGE)

Revealing the source of carbon occluded in phytoliths (phytC): potential implication concerning the role of plant Si cycling on carbon cycling (call for projects 2013) 

Project leader: Anne Alexandre (CEREGE)

Finished PhDs and postdocs

The evolutionary challenge of climate change : adaptive processes in the Mediterranean red coral (2013-2016) 

PhD student: Marine Pratlong 
Supervisors: Didier Aurelle (IMBE), Pierre Pontarotti (LATP)

Biotic and abiotic degradation of terrestrial organic matter discharged by Rivers (Rhône, Pô and Ebre) in Mediterranean Sea (2013-2016) 

PhD student: Marie Aimée Galeron 
Supervisors: Jean-François Rontani (MIO), Olivier Radakovitch (CEREGE)

Understanding human‐environment relationships from the perspective of soil-derived ecosystem services in the Mediterranean Basin 

Postdoctoral fellow: Mattia Trabucchi 
Supervisor: Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE)

Solar energy for irrigation: mitigation and adaptation option for the Mediterranean? 

Postdoctoral fellow: Marianela Fader 
Supervisor: Alberte Bondeau (IMBE) 
(also TWP2)

Assessing vulnerability to global change of western Mediterranean forests using tree rings and a mechanistic approach 

Postdoctoral fellow: Guillermo Gea-Izquierdo 
Supervisor: Joël Guiot (CEREGE) + IMBE + ECCOREV 
(also TWP2)

Modeling of Mediterranean agrosystems functioning. Analysis of scenarios for the future of the Mediterranean agriculture in a context of global change (started in 2012)

PhD student: Simon Decock 
Supervisor: Alberte Bondeau (IMBE), Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE) 
(also TWP2)

The ecophysiological basis of carbonyl sulphide (COS) gas exchange of plants with the atmosphere (started in 2012) 

PhD student: Alena Nosova 
Supervisors: Ilja Reiter (ECCOREV), Joël Guiot (CEREGE)

A Mediterranean Pyrogeography - modelling fire activity in Mediterranean areas (PYROMED) (started in 01.2015) 


Postdoctoral fellow: Julien Ruffault 
Project leaders: Thomas Curt (IRSTEA), Vincent Moron (CEREGE), Ricardo Trigo (UL Universidade de Lisboa)