Observation systems and databases

TWP1. The observation systems and databases

Leaders: Thomas Curt (IRSTEA), Hubert Mazurek (LPED)
Contacts: thomas.curt (at) irstea.fr,
hubert.mazurek (at) univ-amu.fr


Work package description : 

The objective of OT-Med is to coordinate existing observation systems in relation with modelling (TWP2): 

Main TWP1 results

Ongoing OT-Med projects - Postdocs


AixMarseille Carbon Pilot Study (AMC)

Postdoctoral fellow: Brian Nathan
Project leaders: Dominique Lefevre (MIO), Irene Xueref-Remy (LSCE)  + O3HP (ECCOREV) + IMBE 


Finished PhD & Postdocs

Dynamics of heterotrophic microorganisms determined by in situ automated flow cytometry (DHEMISA) (started in 01.2015) 

Postdoctoral fellow: Tina Silovic 
Supervisor: Michel Denis (MIO) + IRSTEA