OT-Med call for projects 2016 has been recently closed (see "Results"). Several PhD and postdoctoral fellowships are available.

Please find the descriptions of the available positons here below:

PhD fellowships

  • Impact of climate change and land-use on the carbon sequestration and the productivity of marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea (CLOSED)
    PhD advisors: Melika Baklouti (MIO), Dominique Ami (GREQAM)
  • French Mediterranean FOREst functioning in changing environments: how will Climate Change Affect microbial and chemical properties of Soils across various spaTial scales ? (FORECCAST) (CLOSED)
    PhD advisor: Anne Marie Farnet Da Silva (IMBE)

Postdoctoral fellowships

  • Combining economic and ecological models to asses land use change effects on Mediterranean marine ecosystems (deadline: 31 October 2016)
    Postdoctoral advisors: Dominique Ami (GREQAM), Claude Napoleone (INRA)
  • Study marine submersion risk perception in Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur Region (CLOSED)
    Postdoctoral advisors: Alexandra Schleyer-Lindenmann (ESPACE), Raquel Bertoldo (ESPACE)
  • Seismic hazard characterization and mitigation (geosciences, physical geography, environmental sciences) (CLOSED)
    Postdoctoral advisor : Lucilla Benedetti (CEREGE)